brief introduction

The Security Department of Beijing Demi China Trade International Trade Co., Ltd. is a department focusing on the operation of portable and vehicle mounted security special instruments. By introducing various high-end handheld, portable, vehicle mounted and other fast inspection security and stability maintenance products around the world, and with advanced technology and high-quality after-sales service concept, it provides all-round services for the anti-terrorism, criminal investigation, public security patrol, security inspection and explosive elimination, security, large-scale event security, customs border defense Anti drug, fire control, rescue, identification and other fields.
At present, the products of the security division cover handheld drug and explosive detector, rapid DNA analysis system, portable GC-MS, gun sight, ande6c, DNA rapid detection equipment, portable explosive detection, and various products and services that can be customized and introduced according to customer needs. We not only stand out in the big competition of similar products, but also successfully complete a number of practical tasks of security inspection and explosive disposal, and solve a number of cases of drug trafficking and violent terrorism. With excellent quality, we have won the favor and praise of the majority of military and police customers.
At the same time, according to the particularity of the industry and products, we have built a "professional, efficient and rigorous" team and management model, and an operation mechanism that meets the requirements of confidentiality qualification. We have continuously expanded the business scope of our products, and are determined to contribute to the journey of improving national defense and security services.
Public Security Department of Beijing GAC World Trade INC. is dedicated to cutting-edged hand-held, portable and on-board equipment for rapid analysis, public security and stability maintaining.  We stick to advanced technology and superior after-sale service, so as to make contribution to public security, judicial system, CAPF and PLA in an all-around way, with wide applications in counter-terrorism, criminal investigation, security check and patrol, explosives detection, security force, large-scale activities, border defense, drug enforcement, firefighting, rescue and identification.
At present, our product portfolio includes hand-held drug & explosives detection, DNA Rapid analysis, portable GC-MS and rifle scopes, along with various customized products and services.  In countless competitions, we outperform significantly our competitors.  Moreover, we achieve many field detections of explosives, facilitate lots of security checks and break a host of drug smuggling and terrorism cases.  Consequently, we gain the admiration and sound reputation from our customers.
Meanwhile, in response to the particularities of this industry and our products, we build a professional, efficient, meticulous team and management model.  Our operation is also meet the national classified qualification standard.  Therefore, we can extend our business and devote ourselves to bolster national defense and security services.

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