The health business department of our company focuses on serving the national key projects and topics undertaken by government regulatory departments, scientific research institutes, etc., organizes and coordinates the technical personnel of various instrument manufacturers to carry out technical exchange activities with the executors of the project undertaking units, provides project solutions for user units, and provides one-stop services such as packaging, advance payment, foreign trade import, customs clearance, as well as coordinating equipment installation and project acceptance during project implementation.
The main services in recent years include:
1. Pollutant emission reduction project of the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China - construction project for improving nuclear and radiation monitoring capacity in the environment
2. Construction project of grain and oil quality and safety supervision and Inspection Laboratory of national grain safety engineering
3. Double protein research project of Food Nutrition Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture
4. Protein research project of national Phoenix Engineering Center
5. National finished feed quality standard revision project of feed quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Agriculture
6. Experimental equipment purchase project of State Key Laboratory of animal nutrition, Beijing Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
The main instruments and equipment provided include:
1. Super large flow air sampler, energy spectrometer, radiation dose rate meter, etc
2. Atomic absorption spectrometer, enzyme labeling instrument
3. Large liquid protein mass spectrometer, ultra high performance liquid chromatography, protein purification system, biomolecular interaction analyzer, two-dimensional electrophoresis analyzer, amino acid analyzer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and micro Raman spectrometer, etc.
4. Pressure cycling nucleic acid and protein extraction system
5. Dumason combustion nitrogen determinator, Kjeldahl nitrogen determinator, fiber determinator, etc
6. Capillary electrophoresis liquid phase mass spectrometry system


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