What key technologies are indispensable for the development of smart cities?



With the continuous expansion of urban population density and the rapid development of technology, our cities are becoming more and more intelligent , and the development of technology has significantly improved the lives of citizens. As we all know, the concept of " smart city " has existed for more than ten years, but recently, this phrase has officially become part of the modern dictionary. Although my country is not the first country to implement the construction of smart cities, the construction speed and effectiveness are undoubtedly the most significant. At present, almost all cities in the country have clearly proposed or are building smart cities. So what are the indispensable key technologies in the construction of smart cities?


    According to the technological development trend, around 2020, the application of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) will mature. With the advent of the era of 5G, high-capacity, low-latency transmission network will become a reality, mankind will enter all interconnected Things era, construction of smart city will be entering a new phase.

    5G provides solutions for the power grid, energy, transportation, security and other aspects of smart cities , and brings many social and economic benefits. 5G is considered to be the beginning of the Internet of Everything. The fifth-generation communication technology will not only bring an increase in network speed (eMBB), but also a reliable low-latency mass Internet of Things.

    The 5G smart city trend report from Accenture introduces smart city solutions based on fifth-generation communication technology from the perspective of economic benefits and application scale, including smart grids, smart transportation, and smart security .

    artificial intelligence

    "Artificial intelligence" has long been written into the "13th Five-Year Plan" outline. In the future, China will focus on breakthroughs in emerging fields of artificial intelligence technology and key technologies such as big data and cloud computing . This means that the research and development and application of artificial intelligence has become a new generation of technological revolution. The vane of industrial change and industrial change is also a key area to promote the construction of new smart cities.

    There are signs that artificial intelligence is beginning to penetrate into many sub-sectors of smart cities. Take smart government affairs as an example. According to reports, Diwei Video has developed a "social service management information platform" based on big data, AI, information security and mobile Internet technology. The platform can realize the sharing and coordination of urban data resources, and establish a new model of "Internet + government services" with information support, grid management and diversified services, turning "people running errands" into "data running errands."

    Big Data

    In the process of large-scale data flow in the smart city system, large-scale data needs to be preprocessed due to factors such as transmission efficiency, data quality, and security. Big data processing technology often needs to be combined with parallel distributed technology based on cloud computing, which is also a technical solution commonly used in the international industry.