Using big data as the fulcrum to move the future intelligent world of security



 Big data blossoms and bears fruit in the security industry

    Nowadays, the concept of big data can be seen everywhere, it is no longer a new thing, and ordinary people can also come into contact with it in their daily lives. However, if you want to say that the best application is in the industry, it is none other than security.

    (1) Big data is the foundation of intelligent video analysis

    In the era of big data applications, video has become the most challenging international technical problem for collection, analysis, transmission and storage applications in the era of big data because of its highest information content, the largest amount of data, and the most complex analysis operations! Intelligent video analysis research is endless. Analysis algorithms must use surveillance video as a resource to study key technologies such as target feature extraction, enhancement and behavior analysis in real-time or historical surveillance video, in order to promote surveillance video application mode from post-passive disposal to pre-active Prevent change.

    (B) to help achieve smart city smart

    One of the major challenges facing the construction of smart cities in my country is that urban systems cannot be effectively integrated due to standard issues, forming information islands. Therefore, in the field of big data fusion technology, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of big data standards, on the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of key technologies such as massive heterogeneous data modeling and fusion, massive heterogeneous data column storage and indexing, in order to provide the underlying data integration Information sharing provides standards and technical guarantees. In the process of large-scale data flow in the smart city system, large-scale data needs to be preprocessed due to factors such as transmission efficiency, data quality, and security. Big data processing technology often needs to be combined with parallel distributed technology based on cloud computing, which is also a technical solution commonly used in the international industry. Big data analysis and mining technology provides powerful decision support capabilities for smart city governance.

    (3) Improve the efficiency of police affairs

    The rapid development of Internet technology has provided strong technical support for the construction of a large-scale national professional alarm operation service platform. Through this alarm platform, alarm operation service providers will accumulate massive amounts of user data, such as user identity information, alarm data, consumption records, maintenance records, etc., which are very valuable resources. On this basis, alarm operation service providers can apply big data technology for analysis and mining, and give full play to the commercial value of big data.

    Public security, like the image investigation technology in the public security system, has diverse application modes and active thinking. A variety of techniques can be derived around the purpose of "discovering clues." Only from these specific techniques can the requirements be extracted. Tell the designer of the system "what do we want".

    So, what are the big data applications in the map? It seems that finding regular applications like commercial big data is still a bit far away. At present, the most practical thing is to find images with the same clue characteristics from the massive video data, so that police officers can find new clues to the case. As for "how to find?" This is the application model proposed by the police. Therefore, the development of video big data is not simply dominated by technology vendors, but requires compound talents in the public security system with both criminal investigation experience and scientific and technological skills to jointly participate in the development of video big data applications.

    (4) Make smart homes "smart"

    Smart home will generate big data, and it is also an important application area of ​​big data, otherwise it is very likely to stagnate. The big data generated by the family can make the smart home more "smart", but it needs to be processed effectively according to the actual situation, rather than the "one pot end" of any data. Through the combined application of big data and cloud computing technology, the smart home system can be the first time Effectively analyze and memorize the data and information of smart devices in the user's home, and apply the obtained corresponding laws to smart devices in turn to improve the smart effect of smart homes.

    Many security giants, such as Hikvision , Dahua Co., Ltd., Keda and Uniview, have mature big data application solutions, and they play an important role in various application fields.

    to sum up

    The concept of big data has been popular for a long time. In the future, with the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning , the mining and application of big data will surely be more thorough. In this process, the security industry with massive video big data will usher in a broader market and development opportunities. We also hope that the security industry can use big data as the fulcrum to move the future smart world.