Can the future Xiong'an New District be better than Dubai?



When you think of Dubai, everyone's minds are mostly modern buildings, complete infrastructure, WIFI that can be connected everywhere, innovative technological measures, convenient transportation and so on. The people who live there work long hours, have high hourly wages, and are very rich. There are more than a dozen luxury cars parked in their garages, and they lead a luxurious life.

    At the CES conference on January 10, Baidu Group President and Chief Operating Officer Lu Qi said, “We are the top three Internet companies in China. As you can see, the Chinese government has the courage to do network construction. Xiong’an is a Chinese company. A big city, it will be bigger than Dubai, it will be the city of the future. The network WiFi and basic design are completely the most innovative and cutting-edge, and it will do the best in commercial possibilities, technological possibilities and infrastructure."

    Where does the confidence come from? Let's start from the beginning.

    National strategy

    On April 1, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued a notice, deciding to establish Hebei Xiong'an New District. Xiongan New Area is another new area of ​​national significance after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area. It is also another historic strategic choice for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei after the planning and construction of Beijing's urban sub-center. It is a millennium plan and a national event.

    Although Xiong’an New Area is named as a new area and is tied to Pudong New Area, it is obviously different from the highest-level national-level new area. It is much higher than the Binhai New Area, Liangjiang New Area, and Zhoushan New Area at the same level. It also ranks alongside the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Therefore, the Xiongan New Area can be initially defined as: both a national-level new area and a national special economic zone.

    With the national strategy first, supplemented by reasonable planning and construction and technical support, it is not impossible for the Xiongan New District to catch up with Dubai.

    Technical Support


    China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, the three major communications operators, have been at the forefront of information network construction, big data construction and smart city construction as the "national team" of the communications industry . The three major operators in the 5G construction competition all attach great importance to the construction of 5G networks. In the Xiongan New Area, the stage for the 5G construction competition has been set up, and each family has put forth its great power and embarked on a 5G discovery journey. High-end technology supports big data construction In the big data construction of Xiongan New Area, the three major operators have invested in elite soldiers and high-end technical support. A smart new city based on cloud computing and data envelopment will become a reality in Xiongan. The construction of the Internet of Things is closely connected with the smart city The three major operators will not ignore the new “outlet” of the Internet of Things. Especially in the Xiongan New District, the construction of the Internet of Things is closely connected with the building of a smart city. The fields of industrial energy and unmanned driving are the best stages for operators to show their strengths, and they are one of the "engines" they help Xiong'an build.

    BAT helps the city's smart construction

    Smart logistics

    On November 8, Xiong'an New District signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Group. Ant Financial announced that it will cooperate with Xiongan New District in urban infrastructure, environment, industry, urban operation, management, and shaping of innovation and vitality. The two parties will jointly build Ant Financial Xiongan Financial Technology Innovation Center and build a blockchain infrastructure platform Etc., Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain, and rookie network robots will also land in Xiongan New District.

    Smart medical