What role does AI play in combating drug trafficking?



There is no doubt that drugs are a stubborn disease on this planet.


In the 21st century, what worries us is that , instead of showing signs of gradual recovery from the malignant disease of drugs, it has become more and more intensified-the new sales network brought about by the dark web, the hidden harm of new drugs, and the undetectable laboratory drugs. , Are torturing the world’s inherent defense against drug crimes.


There is a classic line in Netflix's hit drama Narcos: Drugs are as unstoppable as a storm, but there is never a shortage of people who repair fences in a storm.



Faced with the new trend of drug crimes, perhaps it is time for mankind to take up technical tools to build a new fence. And artificial intelligence, happens to provide some options.


Today we are going to talk about the anti-drug front AIs who are already in battle and are ready to debut . Of course, its application in anti-drug crime is just one of many possibilities for AI to fight crime. In the broader social order and security maintenance, AI has the potential to give full play to its abilities.


This is also a basic contradiction about AI: when we are worried about AI threatening human security, we must first use AI to maintain our own security. In that case, human beings are also very hypocritical...


Blocking drug trade on social networks and dark web

There is a question you may wish to think about: After the Weibo real-name system, are all kinds of advertisements, online begging, contraband sales, especially "selling movies" news on Weibo really reduced?


I believe that without any big data statistics, we can all give the answer-no! Instead, more and more!


This is the "original sin" of spreading illegal information on social networks. The problem may not lie in the real name at all, but in the low cost of deletion, the lack of manual monitoring , and the simple and rude machine monitoring , which simply cannot keep up with the rate of change of prohibited information publishers.


Anyway, it's nothing more than keyword shielding. Then I add some characters, add some Martian text, it's OK to change the keyword? The human association ability is very rich, and people who really have this need can understand what it means at a glance.


In this case, social networks have become a new channel for the trafficking of many contraband. According to the statistics of big data on Twitter, among the messages generated every day, one out of every 600 tweets involves information on illegal transactions of varying degrees-the sum of this number is already quite terrifying.



And this is where artificial intelligence can exert its energy. Not long ago, a medical research team in San Diego released an artificial intelligence system under weak supervision. Using the deep learning model, the function of this system is to analyze massive amounts of social network information, accurately find clues about drug sales, retain evidence, and locate it.