The Prime Minister's instructions, the top ten medical actions in 2018



The 2018 National Health and Family Planning Conference was held in Beijing. The Prime Minister gave important instructions, Li Bin, director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Party Secretary, made a work report, and Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, presided over the meeting and made a summary of the meeting.

The meeting summarized the great achievements made in 2017, and at the same time, it also gave new instructions for medical work in 2018. It is required to do a solid job in these 10 aspects.

One is to continue to deepen the reform of the medical and health system. Promote greater progress in hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, consolidate the results of the reform of "replenishing medicine with medicines", further improve the medical insurance system, deepen the reform of the drug supply guarantee system, and establish and improve a comprehensive supervision system.

The implementation of zero price difference for medicines has caused a huge change in the source of income for hospitals. The increase in medical service fees, such as the price transfer of medical technology fees, surgical fees, nursing fees, and diagnosis and treatment fees, has increased the value of medical staff’s technical services. It can be reflected that the reform of the medical system is developing in a healthier and more sunny direction.

The second is to improve the capacity and quality of primary medical and health services. Tilt more talents, technologies, financial resources, and preferential policies to the grassroots level, and do a good job in signing services for family doctors.

In the 19th Party Congress, it was clearly proposed to strengthen the construction of the grassroots medical and health service system. Since it is the direction of the policy, human, material, and financial resources will continue to flow to the grassroots to help the grassroots construction.

While enjoying the preferential policies, the grassroots must also ensure that they do their jobs well. In 2018, the state will strictly control the phenomenon of "only signing but not contracting" family doctors, and the majority of grassroots doctors must ensure that the signing of family doctors is implemented.

The third is to prevent and control major diseases. Strengthen the construction of the disease prevention and control system, and do a solid job in the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases and chronic diseases.

The contracting work of public health and family doctors carried out by the grassroots is to better prevent disease, focusing on prevention, combining prevention and treatment, and doing long-term management of serious illness rehabilitation and chronic disease management.

Fourth, continue to improve the quality and safety of medical services. Launch a new round of three-year action plan for improving medical services, and strictly implement the core system of medical quality and safety.

Fifth, implement the health poverty alleviation project in depth. Improve the medical security mechanism for the poor in rural areas, and carry out health and poverty alleviation actions in deeply impoverished areas.

The sixth is to inherit and develop the cause of Chinese medicine. Develop Chinese medicine health services and further deepen the education of Chinese medicine teachers.

2017 is a year of joy for Chinese medicine practitioners. On November 15, 2017, the Health and Family Planning Commission officially announced the "Interim Measures for the Filing Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics", which came into effect on December 1. From then on, you only need to file a record for opening a Chinese medicine clinic, and give the certificate on the spot!

The unprecedented liberalization of the opening of Chinese medicine clinics shows that the country attaches great importance to Chinese medicine. Therefore, in the new year, the registration system of Chinese medicine clinics will be implemented more steadily. Chinese medicine practitioners must seize good opportunities and give full play to themselves. The ability.

Seventh, vigorously develop the health industry. Promote the development of "Internet + medical and health" and encourage social funds to enter the fields of medical treatment and medical care integration.

The state has adopted a series of policies to implement a record-keeping system for social medical services and clinics in elderly care institutions, as well as the penetration of the "Internet" into the medical field, and the medical market will usher in a more open and smarter operation mode.