ANDE 6C assists the physical evidence appraisal center of the Ministry of Public Security in the current training class



 On November 22, 2018, our team brought ANDE 6C to assist the on-site investigation training class of the Physical Evidence Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Public Security, and focused on the ANDE 6C "Anytime, Anywhere, Fast and Reliable" design concept; maintenance-free, calibration-free, and cross-contamination-free , Anti-vibration, anti-freezing, data safety and reliability, and other proprietary features; and shared a large number of relevant application cases of the equipment in the field, which has won the high attention and recognition of the leaders and the majority of students.



  After the explanation, the trainees surveyed the simulated crime scene, extracted relevant physical evidence, and handed it over to ANDE 6C for rapid DNA analysis, and obtained a complete single-source full-site map within two hours, and successfully completed the assisting task.



Our application engineers have taken the physical evidence (cigarette butts, bottle mouth,

Chewing gum and blood stains) were tested for DNA.



The supporting expert interpretation software is approved by the US NDIS.

It can easily import ANDE 6C inspection data, support automatic interpretation, manual interpretation, data output and self-owned database comparison.