For the first time in Utah, rapid DNA testing technology was used to assist the court to plead guilty and plead guilty, and the case was solved in just one week



 For the first time, Utah law enforcement used the ANDE 6C rapid DNA analysis system to quickly detect a burglary case.



  On September 19 , a 27 -year-old suspect broke into a house in Kash County and ran away after the theft. The prosecutor extracted blood stains and DNA on the cans on site , and completed the analysis within 2 hours . The county prosecutor said that ANDE 6C is fast and portable, breaking the long detection cycle of such cases in the traditional judicial process.




 With the assistance of ANDE 6C , the prosecutor prosecuted the suspect for burglary, theft, possession of drugs, and obstruction of justice, and quickly pleaded guilty to the court. The prosecutor believes: " This is the result we have been waiting for. It is the future trend to be able to detect criminal cases quickly and effortlessly, and we have successfully taken the first step.



  The above two ANDE 6Cs can be used by any law enforcement agency in Utah


  ANDE 6C has a wide range of applications, suitable for property crime, anti-terrorism, homicide, and even disaster site investigations. In the future, ANDE 6C can help law enforcement agencies quickly crack more similar cases.