ANDE 6C|Quick DNA analysis anytime, anywhere



Since the ANDE 6C DNA rapid analysis system entered the Chinese market, it has been recognized by users and leaders. In particular, the three cities of Beijing, Lanzhou, and Shijiazhuang have put ANDE 6C into practical use and solved many cases.

In order to promote DNA rapid detection equipment suitable for China's national conditions, our company recently conducted demonstrations and exchanges at the Physical Evidence Center of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as the Public Security Department of a province in Northeast, East China, North China, Central China, South China, and Northwest China and a city public security bureau.

The bare metal is directly placed in the trunk of a small SUV, and the samples provided by the customer are tested

Light weight and small size, with handles attached to both sides of the device, which can be lifted by two people

User observation demonstration exchange

  ANDE 6C went through the bumps of the bare metal vehicle, and immediately began to run the test after arriving at the user's place. Especially in the demonstration of a certain municipal bureau, the client provided us with samples of actual criminal cases for parallel experiments, and all samples were collected twice (greasy gloves, blood-stained towels and stored for more than one month Bottle mouth). In the face of samples with low DNA content, the maps produced by ANDE 6C are still recognized by users.

Technician is sampling operation


One of the actual criminal case samples-a towel full of blood


  Through actual demonstrations and exchanges, participating users and leaders highly recognized the performance of ANDE 6C, and gave high praise to the following features:

(1) The DNA quick inspection system that can be deployed to the scene can be directly placed in the trunk of any vehicle model when it is moved. And there is no need for any manual calibration after moving, on-board, or field bumps.

(2) Zero maintenance, zero cost.

(3) The integrated kit is stored at room temperature.

(4) The first pass of conventional inspection materials has a high success rate, and the data is stable and reliable. The results of difficult inspection materials can still provide a basis for judgment.

(5) The system is easy to operate and has a high safety factor.

(6) The data can be imported into the national DNA database of public security organs for query, comparison and query, or imported into the laboratory software for secondary editing.