Portable GAC-1e (SEEKERe) is still the mainstream product in the market



The portable explosive detector GAC-1e (SEEKERe) is still the mainstream product in the market. GAC-1e (SEEKERe) is a multi-functional portable, hand-held drug and explosive detector. It adopts automatic colorimetric technology to detect trace explosives. And drugs for rapid testing. In the United States, the handheld bomber & poison detective has been used as the standard equipment of the US Navy Surface Warfare Center and the Marine Corps. In China, this portable explosive detector is widely used in on-site anti-narcotics, illicit drug detection, anti-terrorism, riot control, security inspection and detonation, explosive detection, security checkpoints, customs, border defense, railway, airport security, security inspections, large-scale event security and Law enforcement agencies investigate and collect evidence. The portable bomber has repeatedly contributed to large-scale events such as the Liangshan Torch Festival and the National Dance Competition, as well as national leaders’ inspections of on-site security work.



Video explanation of portable bombing GAC-1e (SEEKERe)


GAC-1e portable explosive probe



l          Explosive detection /poison detection dual function, trace/constant can be detected

l          The detection process of the handheld explosive can be operated without professional training

l          No need to preheat, fast start-up speed, no overload phenomenon

lSmall          size and light weight

l          Waterproof, shockproof and durable

l          Chinese interface, full-color LCD display, all-weather use

l          SD card/USB interface data output, real-time test results

l          Results can be displayed in a few seconds

l          In addition to the functions of existing similar instruments, this portable explosive can also detect peroxides (such as TATP, hydrogen peroxide) and potassium nitrate, chlorate, perchlorate, potassium permanganate and other inorganic salt explosives


Related certifications:

l          European Civil Aviation Conference ( ECAC) certification

l          American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM) E2520-15 certification

l          US military MIL-810G certification

l          FCC/CE certification

l          U.S. Department of Defense participates in development and testing

l The          Counter-Terrorism Technical Support Office ( CTTSO) participates in the development and testing

l          British Defense Technology Laboratory ( DSTL) participates in development and testing

l          U.S. National Institute of Justice 0604.01 standard certification

l Appeared          in the American History Channel " Hunting Hitler" program

l          Won the IBO Industrial Design Gold Award

l          Passed the inspection of the Security and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security of China


Application field

l          National Defense and Homeland Security

l          On-site anti-drug and banned drug testing

l          Anti-terrorism, anti-riot, security inspection, explosives detection

l          Public security checkpoints, customs, border defense, railways, airports, public security inspections, security for large-scale events

l          Investigation and evidence collection by law enforcement agencies