Why is the portable bomber popular with everyone!



Do you still remember the terrorist murder case at Kunming Railway Station? Let an originally peaceful station full of blood! Make people more cautious when going out! One wave has not settled, another wave rises! In May, Malaysia Airlines disappeared strangely, and people had lost their relatives and friends when there was no danger. However, it seems that all this is not over yet, and the riots broke out in Xinjiang in June! The sudden attack of terrorists! Let the masses panic and fear, all these terrorist incidents are man-made! As a result, security has been upgraded in all public places throughout Xinjiang, and all transportation departments must undergo security checks. In case of a surprise attack by terrorists!


In transportation departments and public places, in addition to the upgrade of security inspections , all security inspection equipment must also be changed! The German-U.S.-China trade portable drug explosive detector turned out to be popular with government units and transportation departments!
It is a new generation of portable photoionization explosives and drug detectors built by our company in collaboration with well-known experts and professors at a high cost. It is widely used in security inspections, national defense security, public safety and other fields in important places such as airports and stations.



Beijing Demei Zhongmao International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly sells imported instruments and equipment, with the goal of serving national scientific research institutes, universities and various scientific research application fields. Relying on world-renowned instrument and equipment manufacturing groups, it participates in various fields of government in China. Group company for procurement and construction of national key engineering projects.


     Over the years, we have cooperated with many international famous brand instrument and equipment manufacturers. Actively participated in various major government procurement projects in China, World Bank loan projects, group enterprise self-purchasing and many other scientific research and national key investment and construction projects. Involved in environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic products, fishery, grain and oil, food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, veterinary medicine, veterinary drugs, biology, medicine, hygiene, epidemic control, tobacco, petroleum, chemical, security, anti-terrorism, criminal technology, physical evidence , Commodity inspection, quality supervision, land surveying and mapping, mineral resources, marine research, nuclear radiation, detection/monitoring and other applications and scientific research industries. Its users cover R&D, application, teaching, law enforcement and supervision, and enterprises and institutions in various industries in China, which have laid a good foundation for the company's development and growth, established an enterprise platform with the supremacy of integrity, and won the trust and praise of customers.


    The company has established technical centers and marketing offices in the following areas. Beijing, North China, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, East China.


The spirit of the company:

Linked by advanced science and technology

Relying on famous international brands

Based on a professional service team

Aiming at the globalization of trade

Provide customers with high-quality, integrated services.