New product recommendation | ViPunch manual DNA sampling puncher is grandly launched in the official Taobao store of Germany-US-China Business!




Today, we will talk about a long-awaited new product that is worth introducing to everyone- ViPunch manual DNA sampling hole puncher .


The meaning of ViPunch is Very Important Punch, the VIP in the puncher . This brand reflects the uniqueness of ViPunch: single- mindedly , only making hole punches .



ViPunch's goal: to create a world-class high-quality puncher that is both easy to use and beautiful with the spirit of craftsmanship for excellence.



The ViPunch manual DNA sampling hole puncher has undergone a long and painstaking design and patient adjustments time and time again. After careful consideration and testing by professionals, it finally stands out from many manual DNA hole punches. No matter in terms of appearance, feel or quality, it is truly No.1 among manual DNA punchers.


Special steel refined, sharp and durable


Different from ordinary stainless steel punching heads, this punching head is made of special steel, which is not only extremely sharp, but also durable. After actual testing, there is still no obvious wear after 10,000 punching.


Thumb platform, the first in the industry


The thumb platform is a patented design. Putting the thumb on it can make full use of the power of the thumb to make holes easily without having to hold the handle tightly like other hole punches.


Patented handle, bid farewell to fatigue


The flat and wide handle is also a patented design. Its unique shape fits the palm perfectly, making the hand feel extremely comfortable, even if it is used for a long time, it will not feel tired or feel tired.


Special pad, self-healing instantly


The punching pad is specially made to protect the punching head. The hardness and thickness are optimized. It is odorless, harmless, no swarf, and can be used on both sides. More importantly, the indentation after punching can be healed in an instant.


Creative packaging, dual use in one box


The bamboo packaging box is a patent pending design, beautiful and elegant, and ingenious in design. It can store the hole punch and the punch pad at the same time, and can also be converted into a hole punch holder through a simple two-step insert.


Digital anti-counterfeiting, fidelity and worry-free


Each punch or the separately sold punch head and punch pad are affixed with anti-counterfeiting labels. You can easily check the authenticity by simply scraping off the coating and scanning the QR code with your mobile phone.


Its punching head specifications are divided into different apertures, from 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm to 4.0mm, 5.0mm that can be customized. Different needs can be realized, and special sizes can also be customized exclusively.