life sciences

GE Healthcare life science belongs to GE Healthcare Group. Since 2013, our company has been the first-class agent of Ge life science product line. It has offices in the authorized area.
Product introduction
Our products and technologies are mainly used in gene science, protein science, drug development and research, as well as biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, forensic and environmental protection industries. We provide pharmaceutical companies with complete solutions to reduce the time and cost of new drug screening and development, quickly and simply turn research results into large-scale production, better select and develop effective and safe drugs from drug development candidates, develop new drugs faster, and pave the way for major breakthroughs in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.
main products
Akta system is a platform specially designed for biomolecular purification, which integrates liquid chromatography system, software and pre installed column; More than 90% of FDA approved biopharmaceuticals on the market are purified by using the scalable platform aktaprocess system and fillers based on the same design concept.
Ge protein purified gel product
Whatman filter membrane and filter
Whatman brand provides globally renowned filtration products and technologies to provide new solutions for the analysis field, healthcare and Bioscience markets.
Other products
Protein electrophoresis immunoblotting products
Nucleic acid electrophoresis immunoblotting products
CyDye fluorescent labeling products
Cell density gradient separation medium
Biacore sensor chip and reagent consumables

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